Where I’ve Been… and Some Recent Finds I’ve Been Loving ❤️

Hey everyone!

I just felt the need to hop on here and let you know that I am still going to be posting to the blog, I’m just currently in a state of… holy crap this is a lot of work and I’m trying to balance my life.

The holidays took up a lot of my time, I know it’s February now, but I’ve also been battling several colds/infections/viruses? I’m not entirely sure… but I’m hopefully on the mend for good this time. Things have been crazy busy and I think I’m finally getting to a point where I can sit down and plan things out and get back to regularly posting here on the blog.

I’ve been focusing a lot of my energy trying to grow my instagram following and truly learning just how much work goes into the whole blogging thing! Seriously, major shoutout to those people who do this because… wow. I’d love to be able to post something almost daily, but that’s not a guarantee. I’m trying to come up with some ideas of things to share with you and would love your input!

I’m planning to share a Try-on every Tuesday with you! And I’ve got a few other ideas! But if there are any things that you’d like to see let me know!

Stay tuned for some new content coming this week! ❤️

Currently Loving

This Palmers Vitamin E oil. Truly, honestly, I’m not even being dramatic, this has changed my skin’s life. Like I promise you I’m never going to stop using this. I bought my mom a bottle for Christmas, and I think I’m going to start giving it to everyone I know. It’s amazing, and under $10!


Since I’ve been sick, I’ve been drinking tea like it’s my job. So an electric kettle has been my lifesaver. I can’t linkour exact version, because we’ve had it for several years, but this is a similar option by the same brand. If you’re a tea drinker, or like a French press cup of coffee, I highly recommend one of these!


I looked at this bag several different times at Target before I finally grabbed it. And I’m honestly mad I waited as long as I did! This bag is so cute and holds everything plus more. It also comes in a super cute grey color with a slightly different pattern on the flap. I struggled to decide on which I liked more. But eventually decided on the cognac color, because I’m a sucker for a neutral. Bonus, it’s 20% off right now! Snag one while it’s on sale!


I’m constantly looking for ways to be healthier and trying to incorporate healthy options into my diet. Enter TeamiBlends. I’d actually heard of and looked into Teami before they reached out, so when they gave me the opportunity to try their greens I was so excited! I truly do love this stuff! It tastes delicious, is super easy to mix in, and gives me enough energy to get through my afternoon! Through February 17th, you can get 25% off with code SSMITH25 at teamiblends.

Abercrombie denim has stolen my heart. Seriously never in a million years did I think I would be wearing Abercrombie again in my 30s. But I’ve been loving them lately!

Left to right: Distressed | High-Rise | Button Fly | Black

These self tanners have been amazing! Of course if you’ve been here for a minute, you know I’ve already talked in depth about self tanners… However, I’ve been experimenting with a few different new ones, some that were sent to me and some I’ve purchased with my own money.

The first ones that were sent to me were by the brand Golden Star Beauty. I’m being 100% honest that I truly do like the products.. however, at this time of year, when my skin turns into even more of the Sahara desert than it normally is, I’ve found that the tanning oil is just not as moisturizing as I would like it to be. It probably doesn’t help that I also take showers with nearly boiling water… but I enjoy them, and nobody said you have to. I absolutely love the face serum. I’ve been using it daily for almost 3 months, and I still have some left. It gives my face a nice, natural glow, doesn’t irritate it at all, or cause any breakouts! I have fairly sensitive skin, so I’m always concerned when using a new product. It doesn’t get my face super dark, like some of the body tanning products I use, but I also frequently exfoliate my face, so I’m sure that if I were to do that less often, it would be more tan.

I thoroughly enjoy both the body tanning products, the lotion and the oil. The lotion doesn’t get you quite as dark as the oil, which is also another reason it works best for winter.


This tanning lotion is fantastic, especially for the winter! I’ve actually been using it off and on since the summer. If you follow Jen Reed, @thesisterstudioig, then you know she raves about this company’s AMAZING face wash, that I too am obsessed with. So because I loved the face wash so much I decided that I’d try the tanner. It’s amazing as well! It’s never patchy, goes on easily, is super moisturizing, and you don’t have to rinse it off, but still get a nice dark tan!


Right around Christmas we grabbed a Dyson cordless vacuum for a MAJOR discount and could not be happier. This thing is perfect for kids and pets! We have some built in shelving in a few areas around the house and my husband actually just used this to dust them, because let’s be honest, you need a ladder to get to them and they don’t get dusted often enough, and it worked amazingly! Highly, highly recommend!

Also, how cute is the little kid’s Dyson?! we’ve had this for a while and it actually vacuums. (How sad is it that my toddlers got a Dyson before me? LOL)

Mini Dyson | Mom’s Dyson

These are a few of the things I’ve been loving lately! I promise the blog won’t be lonely as long as it has been! I’ll be back to normally scheduled posting from now on! ❤️❤️

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